Aircraft Charters

An aircraft charter is the business of renting out entire airplanes out instead of just selling individual seats. Most major airline companies specialize in selling individual seats to each passenger. However there are airline companies that have established themselves as charter companies where they rent the entire plane to an individual person or group of people. Aircraft charters work in the same way that bus charters do, you rent the bus and not just an individual seat.

An aircraft that has been chartered out is known as an air taxi, executive charter or a jet charter. Any aircraft that has been chartered falls under the classification of general aviation. This industry began to take off near the end of World War II. There were a number of planes available for charter at this time. Chartering a plane was usually limited to executive and wealthy business people. In the 1960’s chartering a plane meant that it would be a small plane. At that time the Lear Jet was the one of the first planes to be chartered. The Lear Jet was adopted by such air charter operators as Hop-A-Jet. Today, this company is run on a much larger scale, as there are many other charter companies. Today there is a wider range of choices in chartering an aircraft, with planes that can carry as few as four or five passengers up to planes that can carry up to 20 passengers.

Many factors have influenced the growth of the air charter industry. One such influence is internet communication. The introduction of the internet has allowed many air charter companies to reach a wider audience. Now instead of a having a small target group, most air charter companies are able to reach people around the world. With the increase in various airline problems, people have begun to use a charter service more and more frequently. People feel that it is worth the money to know that they won’t experience any problems such as delays and lost luggage when trying to fly.